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Hadoop Workshop

Before attending, please read through the entire post and note the attached file (you may have to click on the post to view it).

ACM is excited to announce that next week we will be hosting a workshop from State Farm on Hadoop, a big data framework! This collaboration has been in the works since August and we're excited to announce it now.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, October 27 at 7pm in Gould-Simpson 906. Please spread the word - as with all our meetings, any and all in the UofA community are welcome to attend.

9/8/16 - Git Workshop

This week our meeting will feature a workshop on Git, a widely-used distributed version control system. This talk will be at our normal time (Thursday at 7pm).

UPDATE: The workshop will be held in Gould-Simpson 930, a CS Department computer lab. If you wish to follow along on a computer and do not have a CS account, please be sure to bring a laptop.

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